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The Optimal Diet for Asthma Sufferers

March 23rd, 2010 Posted in Asthma Info

When you are suffering from asthma, you need to make large changes to your diet. When changing your diet, there’s some foods you need to include while there’s some food you need to exclude. A healthy asthma diet often involve choosing healthier choices like fruit and vegetables over unhealthier processed.

The main aim of any asthma diet is to lose weight since there is such a strong correlation between weight and frequency of asthma attack. Here are some foods you ought to exclude to make it more asthma friendly.

Avoid white food. What I mean by white food is food like white bread, white rice and refined sugar. The problem with these types of food is that they are starchy and lead to weight gain easily. White food consists mainly of simple carbohydrate which means the body will burn these foods quickly causing to get hungrier faster and eat more in lieu.

About 70 percent of asthmatics suffer from GERD or gastroesophageal reflux illness. When anyone has GERD, stomach acid has a tendency to flow back in to the esophagus, generating a burning feeling sensation. These acids can often irritate the lungs, causing the asthma to become worse.

In lieu of eating white food, pick whole meal food like brown rice and whole meal bread. Professional runners and ironman personally prefer carbo-loading with complex carbohydrates it makes them last longer.

These are food that aggravate the acid reflux effect

Stay away from fatty or acid food. Reason being is that the body find it hard to digest them. You can always opt for them to be baked or boiled in lieu.

If you are an herbal remedy fanatic, you might need to stay away from peppermint for a while.

Stay from chili or any other spicy food like curry as these foods already irritate your lower esophagus.

Avoid gassy drinks like Coke. These gassy drinks caused you to burp a lot.

Now it is some time to neat out the unwanted food in your refrigerator. Here how you can neat your refrigerator.

Take out all snacks and sugary treats. Great examples will include cookies, chips and candies.
Take out any leftover canned food or any frozen vegetables in sauce.

First, take out any food that is in your refrigerator for over three months. Chances are that foods that are around for this long may have bacteria that can trigger asthma.

Of work, you cannot hope to combat asthma through dieting alone. Other crucial factors will include asthma proofing your home, leading an active lifestyle and learning breathing exercises to strengthen your diaphragm.

Finally, take out some all your soda can drinks or any other sweetened drinks.

What is Asthma?

February 15th, 2010 Posted in Asthma Info

Asthma is a lung disease that makes it difficult or even impossible to breathe. About 22 million Americans have this condition. It affects people’s lives & can even cause death. The condition comes in two different forms, with a variety of possible triggers & treatment options are available.

When allergies are the cause, a person’s immune technique overreacts to a substance. Also, in some people, exercise leads to symptoms. In some cases, workers breathe in substances at work that cause their breathing problems. Cough variant asthma is the second type. In this form, the person coughs in a non-productive manner & coughing is the only symptom.

It is important to understand what people with these lung problems must deal with. In order to get the oxygen our bodies require, people without breathing problems breathe air in to their open, healthy lungs. The lungs technique it & they exhale. With asthmatics, narrowing in the airways of the lungs makes it hard to breathe. This narrowing is caused because the lungs constrict & swell. When this happens, the person is having an asthma attack.

As with any medical condition, patients require to consult with their physician for diagnosis & treatment. This is important whether the patient has the more common form or the cough variant.

The cough variant of the condition can be more difficult to diagnose. This is because lung function can be normal. With this type, symptoms are often treated with similar medications as the more common constriction type.

There’s a variety of medications that doctors can prescribe for their patients. There’s medicines that reduce the frequency of symptoms & attacks. These are taken every day. Also, rescue inhalers are used when an attack occurs to provide immediate relief. Physicians will often prescribe both in order to manage symptoms. However, doctors sometimes require to try different medications & treatments to help each patient accomplish optimal results.

Treatments vary based on severity of symptoms & underlying causes. For allergic or occupational triggers, avoiding the things that cause the problem can help prevent it. Allergy testing can be used to choose what the person is allergic to. Also, treating the allergies themselves can result in improvement for the patient.

Asthma is a serious medical condition that can have a negative impact on the lives of people living with it. However, doctors can work with patients to choose the best treatment work & help them manage their symptoms. This means that people living with this problem can live full, healthy lives.

In an asthmatic person, the first stage is the same as in the healthy person. In the second stage however, the airway in lieu of relaxing to expel, suddenly constricts further provoking acute breathlessness & respiratory distress.